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Your Denture Specialists in Fredericton, NB

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CGM Denture Clinic: Your Trusted Fredericton Denturists

Proudly serving Fredericton and surrounding areas of west-central New Brunswick, CGM Denture Clinic has been licensed in the denture industry since 1993. We manufacture, repair and reline dentures, achieving a natural-looking smile for each of our clients. The setup of our office is completely unique because we allow you to view your dentures to ensure your happiness before we make them. We work with each patient until we are 100% satisfied with the job, and we guarantee your satisfaction.

Whether you are interested in upgrading the appearance of your smile or need to replace damaged or missing teeth, our Fredericton denturists can provide you with high quality dentures to create a smile you can be proud to show. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

Smile Restoration Specialists

We offer high quality new dentures, denture relines and repairs

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